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Aside from wanting to teach folks, one of the big reasons I wanted to put this blog together, is to support the amazing folks that are part of the SFMC community. I have been very lucky that there have been many people who have taken time out of their day to help me when I got stuck. These communities all have one thing in common though – the more active they are, the harder it is to find anything.

You can imaging how frustrating it can be to remember seeing a question but not rememer what the answer was and have to go looking for it. I would often spend far too long (admittedly) searching – only to find it had disappeared. I value the time of everyone in the community who take time to answer questions and help folks, and always feel so guilty asking the same question again – all because I didn’t take better notes.

So I started taking better notes. With so many active communities for Salesforce Marketing Cloud, I had trouble keeping up, so I started just copy & pasting the threads and saving them into folders. This method of note-taking made it easy for me to find things, and created a record that wouldn’t disappear with time. While this was great for me, it did nothing for the community. I would see posts on the community asking “does anyone remember a thread about…” or “someone posted this thing, can you re-post?”

Instead of saving it locally, I’ve decided to save and convert them here in blog format. As I want to convert from back-and-forth conversation to a single post, I will start with threads I found interesting, threads that solved things I was struggling with, and even a few threads about things I knew nothing about and wanted to do more reading on. To re-write in post format takes time, so it won’t be immediate, and I have a backlog of things I’ve saved, so if you are looking for something and it isn’t here, sorry. As of right now, this is a team of 1.

I’ve had this idea for a while now, but didn’t act on it as I wasn’t sure how people would react. I mentioned it to a couple of folks, who were totally down with the idea and who I am trying to recruit to help. If you are interested in writing for this blog on a regular basis or even as an occasional guest – let me know. Like it says in the header, this is help from one SFMC admin to another.

That being said I make the following promises to the community:

  • I will do my best to fully understand a concept/thread before I post. If I missed something or something is unclear – please let me know so I can fix it. I would rather someone tell me that I interpreted it wrong, then spread miss-information.
  • I will do my best to catalog and tag everything to make it easier to search. If a post is missing a tag or should be included in a category – let me know so I can fix it. Eventually some of the categories will have their own homepages, as an additional way to find things. I will also try to mark what level they are at (Beginner, Intermediate, Expert, GoldenHoodie Level)
  • I will do my best catch as many threads as I can, but may not make a separate post for each. I will be focusing on those that either solve for an issue or introduce/explain a concept. This will include merging like topics, expanding on topics, and providing more reference materials/links.
  • I will do my best to give the solution owner credit for their work. I am not trying to steal anyone’s knowledge and will give credit whenever possible. If the solution is a chunk of code in someone’s github or a document – I will confirm it is okay with posting it here. If we post something of yours that you would like taken down – just ask.

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