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There are a ton of resources out there around Journey Builder. On this page you will find a listing of all the posts on SFMCGeeks about Journey Builder, as well as links to other blogs with great content around Journey Builder.

LAST UPDATE: August 16, 2020

There are new releases for Journey Builder throughout the year. I have included older posts as they still include content that may be of assistance. If you come across something that is no longer there, or looks completely different, or has changed dramatically due to releases after the post date, please let me know so I can remove those from the list.

Posts on SFMCGeeks

Posts from Other SFMC Blogs on Journey Builder

Trailhead Modules & Trails on Journey Builder

Salesforce Documentation on Journey Builder

Salesforce Feature Releases for Journey Builder

Journey Builder: Behavioral Triggers, July 2020
Journey Builder: Single Send Journeys Enhancements, May 2020
Journey Builder: Path Optimizer, May 2020
Building a Simple Email Journey with Journey Builder, January 2020
Journey Builder: Single Send Journeys Enhancements, May 2020
Overview of Flow Controls in Journey Builder, January 2020
Using Journey Templates with Journey Builder, January 2020
Einstein Send Time Optimization, May 2019
Mobile Studio + Content Builder in Journey Builder, January 2019
Journey Builder: Einstein Splits, April 2018
Marketing Cloud Connect Part 3 – Journeys Across Marketing, Sales & Service, January 2017
Overview of Journey Builder from Marketing Cloud, January 2020
Mobile Integration with Journey Builder and Content Builder, March 2019
Marketing Cloud + Google Analytics 360 – Journey Analytics Dashboard, September 2018
Automation Studio + Journey Builder, Jan 2017
Shared Journey Templates, July 2019
Journey Builder: Journey Testing, October 2018
Journey Builder: Journey Folders, June 2018
Journey Builder: From whiteboard to Journey Builder, January 2017

Tutorial Videos & Webinar Recordings on Journey Builder


Testing Send Email Activities in Journey Builder, mcChat, July 2019

Upcoming Events on Journey Builder

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