Tuesday Tip: Default Login Preference

Did you know that you could set up Marketing Cloud so that when you login it autoloads the studio you work in most instead of the dashboard?

It sounds silly, but saving yourself that one click really makes a difference. If the first thing you do everyday is go into content builder – why not have it open content builder first?

By default, users see the Dashboard when they log into Salesforce Marketing Cloud. You can change that default preference so that it shows the Overview page of a specific app instead.

This trick doesn’t remove the dashboard. You can always navigate back to the Dashboard using the standard navigation controls. This just sets you up upon log-in to get right to work.

Here’s how:

Once you’ve logged-in to Marketing Cloud – hover over your name in the upper right corner and select “Cloud Preferences” from the dropdown menu (under Settings).

Click “Default Login Preference” and then select which studio you want it to load first when you log in.

Click Save and you are all set.

Remember this only affects what it loads when you first log in.

Come back next week for another great #TuesdayTip.

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