Tuesday Tip: Finishing your Journeys

For February’s Tips I am going to focus on Journey Builder.

Today’s tip is all about stopping – specifically stopping your old versions within your journeys.

Keeping your Marketing Cloud clean and organized is an on-going process. But when it comes to Journey Builder, I have an easy recommendation for you – every time you go into a journey to activate a new version, go back and look at your previous versions. Do you have any that are still marked as “finishing”?

When you activate a new version of a journey, the previous version moves automatically to “finishing” status. The problem is, they never leave that status on their own. The only way a journey will move to “stopped” status is if you stop them.

Checking to see if you can safely stop a journey is easy. There is a Health Check tool you can use. If you click on the suitcase in the upper right corner, the health check pop-up. Here you can see how many people are still working there way through that version of your journey. If there is no one left, go ahead and stop that version. (Be careful to only stop that version and not all versions.)

SMC Journey Builder Top Right Header Bar

If you remember to check your old versions every time you activate a new one, not only will it be easier to tell where your traffic actually is, but you will have a much cleaner Journey Builder instance.

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