Tuesday Tip: Duplicate Tab

If you’ve worked in Salesforce Marketing Cloud, then you have lost minutes, if not hours, to the blue loading spinner. So January’s Tuesday Tips are all around ways to Speed up and avoid the frustration that the wheel of doom brings.

So the Tuesday Tip for Jan 7th is:

“Duplicate Tab” instead of “Open in a New Tab”

You may have noticed that you can’t “right click and open in a new tab” on many of the SFMC pages. And on those that you can open in a new tab, you often lose the header bar.

So the trick is to duplicate the tab.

I know you are think… that’s barely a trick. I mean all you have to do is right click on the tab to duplicate.

But wait, I’m not done.

In Chrome (PC):
Use ‘Alt+D‘ to put the focus into the address bar, and then use ‘Alt+Enter‘ to open that URL in a new tab. The trick is that you don’t have to move your thumb off the Alt key—just push down Alt, then hit D and Enter in quick succession to duplicate the current tab in a new tab.

Firefox (PC): Alt+Shift+D

In Chome (Mac): Option+Shift+D

In Safari (Mac): Command + L and then Command + Enter

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