Set Copyright Date Dynamically

Every year, come the beginning of January, there is a flurry of activity while marketing teams go through all of their emails to check and update the copyright dates in their footers. Well not everyone…. You see you can set dates dynamically in Salesforce Marketing Cloud. This way you can update your email’s copyright date this year, and let the system update it for you in years to come.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud has some personalization strings that are built in. Lucky for us, one of them is for displaying the year – ‘xtyear’.

(You can also set the date with AMPscript. I will go over the AMPscript Date functions, including formatting in a future post.)

To use the SFMC Personalization string in your email, simply add %%xtyear%% (with the double percent signs) into the copy, and you are all set.

For example:

© %%xtyear%%

If rendered today would display:

© 2020

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