Throwback Thursday: SFMC Keynote DF2019

As part of our Throwback Thursday series we will be sharing video content that we think you will enjoy, learn from, or will teach you something.

To kick off 2020, let’s look back at the biggest Salesforce Conference – Dreamforce.

I had the pleasure of attending the Marketing Keynote in person and was inspired. It is great to hear how other companies are putting SFMC to use, especially one so close to home for me.

BART, Bay Area Rapid Transit, is one of our main public transit options for getting around the San Francisco Bay Area, where I call home. I’ve spent lots of time on their trains getting from one place to another. Finding out they are also an SFMC customer reminded me that there are some BIG names that use the platform.

Whether you work for a BIG company or a SMALL one, the tools and features of Marketing Cloud can help any company conquer the new decade.

Dreamforce 2019 – Marketing Keynote: The New Decade of Data, Trust and Engagement

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