CenCal Dreamin’ Announcement!

I am so excited to announce that I will be presenting at the inaugural CenCal Dreamin on January 23rd, 2020 at Bitwise South Stadium in Fresno, CA!

Session Details:

Be your Customer’s Travel Agent with Journey Builder
1/23/2020 @ 3:15pm on the Specialty Track


Take your customers on a journey with Salesforce Marketing Cloud.  Select experiences for them along the way, select from different channels such as email or mobile. Give the itinerary lots of crossroads allowing the customer to decide which path is right for them using engagement splits or Einstein.  Be your customer’s travel agent and set them on the right path. Join us to learn how to build out a custom journey in Journey Builder, as well as many best practices to take your Journey to the next level.

I am especially excited as this will be my first opportunity to speak at a Salesforce Event.

If you asked me if I would be doing something like this, this time last year, the answer was no. I would have never had the confidence to even apply.

I had the opportunity to attend the Trailblazer Summit late last year. It was incredible to be surrounded by so many group leaders, speakers, and mentors. I will admit, at first, I felt like I didn’t belong there. (Some serious imposter syndrome). As the day went on though, I found I had a larger voice than I gave myself credit for. And once I got comfortable, there was no stopping me. I made some wonderful friends and walked away wanting to give back, as so many others have, to this amazing Salesforce Ohana.

I know I wouldn’t be here without the support and encouragement of so many of those friends and collegues. They have challenged me, encouraged me and inspired me. Heck, even Trailhead has been encouraging me. (Did you know that there is a “Public Speaking” Badge? It was like the universe knew that I needed that extra push. )

I know that there can be no progress towards your goals if you don’t take that first scary step. My mom used to say, “you will never finish your vegetables if you don’t take the first bite.” She was right. Luckily, I’ve grown to like my vegetables, but the advice has stuck with me over the years.

The first step is to tell someone what your goals are – because that makes them real.

My goals for 2020, for the record, are:

  • To start a blog
  • Be more active in the trailhead community – on twitter, success pages, slack, etc
  • Apply to speak (and maybe if I am lucky to get the opportunity to do so)
  • Get Certified as a Marketing Cloud Admin, Developer, and Consultant

So far, so good.

What are your big goals for 2020? Have you told anyone?

By the way, if you are interested in attending – you can click here to register for the CenCal Dreamin event.

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