Throwback Thursday: SFMC Keynote CNX2019

As part of our Throwback Thursday series we will be sharing video content that we think you will enjoy, learn from, or will teach you something.

Salesforce throws some pretty big events. While Dreamforce is a world of its own. We should not forget about Connections. Connections is held in Chicago in the spring. I have heard that Connections has a much stronger Marketing Cloud presence than Dreamforce. But I haven’t made it there myself. Instead – I live-streamed as much content as I could. And boy was it worth it. (Did you know you could do that? Check out Salesforce Live to see what’s coming up. )

I personally love listening to the Keynotes. There are great demos of new features. And I always walk away wanting to figure out how to do something they showed in their demo. But more importantly, the Keynotes are inspiring. When I get frustrated or find myself really dragging, I find hearing about others’ success to be a great way to lift me out of my funk.

Matt Tippets, VP of Product Strategy, gave a great Keynote last year around how Marketing Engagement is changing for Today’s Connected Customer. We all know that as technology changes, marketing has to evolve. Customers are looking for the experience to align with their needs and are willing to pay more for brands they connect with. But what does that mean for us? How can Salesforce help us reach those goals – Watch and Find out.

Connections 2019 – Marketing Keynote:
Salesforce for Marketing Engagement Reimagined for Today’s Connected Customer

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