Journey Builder Data

Have you fallen in love with Journey Builder but need to be able to pull more data? Fear not – Journey Builder has dataview. Okay I get, that is not a super useful answer.

Journey Builder has two data views _Journey and _JourneyActivity, but the emails are also in _Sent, _Open, _Click, and _Bounce. You just need to know how to identify them.

First, you have as you have to pull their JourneyActivityObjectID out of the Journey Builder specific data view called _JourneyActivity.

Once you have that, you can go to the other data views, such as _Sent, to get what you need.

JourneyActivityObjectID from _JourneyActivity correlates to the TriggererSendDefinitionObjectID in the _Sent, _Open, _Click, and _Bounce data views.

Here is what is included in _JourneyActivity:

  • VersionID
  • ActivityID
  • ActivityName
  • ActivityExternalKey
  • JourneyActivityObjectID
  • ActivityType

Want even more data? Check out these three awesome queries from Salesforce:

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