What’s in a (send) name?

In a previous blog post, I talked about the differences of using Marketing Cloud’s Tracking Data Extracts and Marketing Cloud Data Views. This is a follow-up post to explain a use case to give you data to compare how your different From Names and From Emails perform.

Personalized From Names can be a great way to boost engagement. Whether you are personalizing the name to be from a specific division, a specific person, or brand, the name that appears in your customer’s inbox can influence whether or not your email gets opened. If you have been trying out a few different From Names, the _sent, _job and _open data views can help you determine which ones are most effective.


The queries below should give you a starting point for reporting. It will get you the total number of sends per From Name and total number of opens. Before you begin your queries, create a data extension that will hold the values for the FromName, SendCount, OpenCount, and OpenRate. The FromName field should be your primary key.

Query 1: Get the total count of sends per From Name

This query joins the _sent and _job data view to show total counts per From Name. If you have a lot of send activity, you may need to add a WHERE clause to each of the queries to limit results, such as by timeframe or business unit. Queries that take longer than 30 minutes will time out.

count(s.SubscriberKey) as ‘SendCount’,
_sent s
_job j
s.JobId = j.JobId


Query 2: Get the total count of opens per From Name

Follow the same query as above, swapping to pull the count from the _open data view instead of sent

What’s next?

You can divide your open count into your send count to determine the open ratio for each send name.

Hopefully these queries give you other ideas of how to use data views to learn more about engagement. Have an idea you’d like me to explain? Leave it in the comments!

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