Tuesday Tip: Log Enter and Exit Dates

The most common question I get from the Marketing team when it comes to journey’s is “When did they enter?” and “When did they exit?”

Unfortunatly, this information is not in any of the data views.

Here is another use for the “Update Contact” trick we went over on 2/3.

We are going to to do the same steps as the previous example, only instead of putting our Update Contact after each email, we will set one at the very start of the journey.

To capture the exits – I use decision splits so that I can put an update contact before each exit. I also will often add an additional field to your data extension to log which exit they used. You won’t need to add an additional update contact activity – you can do multiple updates within the same activity.

To keep your data manageable, don’t forget to set your data retention policy. 2-3 months of data is usually enough to catch any issues or answer any marketing team questions.

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