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Ever wonder if Salesforce Marketing Cloud is not working or if it is just you? Well, you could ask around to see if anyone else is having the same issue. But we don’t always have someone around to ask.

Luckily, Salesforce provides you with a way to check and see if there are problems going on via the Salesforce Trust Page.

I recommend bookmarking the following link – which goes directly to the Salesforce Status Page for Marketing Cloud –

(Please note: Marketing Cloud previously had a separate status page. Marketing Cloud was rolled into the Main Salesforce Status page as part of the Winter ’20 updates. If you have it previously bookmarked I recommend updating your URL – There is a redirect in place currently)

The Marketing Cloud status page provides detailed transparency into the Marketing Cloud services, which includes more than just Marketing Cloud Core Service. You can also get status on Marketing Cloud REST API and Marketing Cloud SOAP API.

The recent update of to the Salesforce Status Page now also gives you many of the Trust Site features that prevously were only available on Core.

  • System status history
  • Forward-looking maintenance calendar
  • Trust notifications via Email

I want to call out the Trust Notifications. These will include things like upcoming maintenances, as well as emergency maintenances and incidents. Check out the Trust Notification User Guide for step-by-step instructions on how to set them up.

To identify the info that relates to your account you will need to know which stack you are on. You can use your MID to look up that information on the Status Page. If you need help finding your MID check out this great YouTube video from Salesforce Support –

Want more info check out the following resources:

Marketing Cloud Trust Site Trailhead Module –

Marketing Cloud Trust and Compliance Documentation –

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