Removing Gray Line from Content Builder Templates

Marketing Cloud’s Content Builder out-of-the-box templates are a great starting place to design your company’s emails. These templates allow for easy click-and-drag editing and make designing for mobile devices simple.

One of the top questions I get from Marketing Cloud newbies is how to edit the gray horizontal rule that’s added between every content area within these templates. If you’re new to content builder, the answer for removing this line might feel like it’s hidden. Here’s how to remove it or change it’s color or width:

  1. Edit the properties of the content area. If you’re hovering your mouse over areas in Content Builder, you’ll see an arrow with a circle around it for every content block. To edit the content area, you’ll need to look for a solid gray band that says ‘Drop blocks or content here’ and has an arrow without the circle around it. An example of that looks like this:

2. For each content area in your template, you’ll need to click the down arrow in the solid gray bar and click to edit the properties.

3. Within the properties, you’ll see an area to edit borders. If you want to complete remove the horizontal rule, change the bottom border from 1px to 0px. You can also choose to edit the color or width of the horizontal rule here if you’d prefer.

When you’re all finished, click Done Editing and you should see that the horizontal rule is gone. You’ll need to do this in each content area within your template to remove all of them.

Keep an eye out for additional quick and easy Content Builder tips and tricks in the coming weeks. Need help for a specific issue in Content Builder? Leave your idea in the comments.

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