March Event Calendar

Did you know that we have an Event Calendar? We’ve worked hard to compile all kinds of events for March into our calendar to make it easier for you to participate.

Salesforce Community Groups with Marketing Cloud

2 Salesforce Marketing Cloud Certification Days

20+ Salesforce Led Webinars on Marketing Cloud

Q&A Session Topics:

Getting Started

Product Feature

I realize that not everyone can watch webinars during the work day or live outside of the US – so I’ve included the webinars for APAC (Asia-Pacific) and EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa). Depending on the time change you may be able to attend these as well. I know that the APAC ones for me are in the late evening as I am out of California.

*These are for the whole Salesforce Ecosystem and may or may not have Marketing Cloud Specific Content – be sure to check the agenda before signing up.

**Posted on 3/3 – In light of COVID-19 concerns around the globe, Banff Dreamin’ has communicated to all affected stakeholders our decision to DELAY OUR EVENT until November 20, 2020. We are thrilled this new date works for our Keynote, sponsors & many speakers! Can’t wait ’til November!!

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